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Lifestyle, routine, diet or stress, coupled with certain diseases or age, can cause the pumping of blood vessels to slow down. What does this mean? That the cells do not perform their function properly and that there is pain and a decrease in physical and mental performance.

Bemer Therapy, to improve your physical health and well-being.

For the human body to function properly all tissues and organs must have a good supply of oxygen and nutrients and that all residual elements are eliminated in a correct way.

How do I know if I need to use BEMER therapy?

Bad eating habits, lack of exercise and all the other consequences of suffering from any of these diseases, make this pumping by the microvessels is not optimal. That is why this type of treatment is necessary. 

In diseases such as osteoarthritis, the movement of the blood is affected, so that, not watering well, it is difficult to perform movements that we would do every day. Fibromyalgia is another of the enemies of normality in our lives. It is a disease that prevents us from leading a normal life, as it limits both health and normality and the ability to perform tasks.

How does BEMER therapy work?

This task is performed by the microcirculation of the blood and a micro-pump that helps the blood to circulate through the blood vessels. The micro-pumping should produce 10 pulses per minute, but for reasons such as stress, lack of sleep, age or bad eating habits, this pumping slows down to 1 pulse every 3 minutes. In this situation is when diseases, deterioration of the body and decreased physical and mental performance appear.

With Bemer’s Physical Vascular Therapy, in Benestar Fisioterapia we can help you to get the micro-pumping to pump 10 pulses per minute. This revolutionary German technique, which has been on the market for over 40 years, produces a stimulation signal through electromagnetic transmission, stimulating the movement of blood vessels to normalize blood flow.

What do we achieve with Bemer Therapy?

In addition to improving the supply of oxygen, nutrients and facilitating the elimination of all waste products from the body, we achieve the following objectives:

Improve the functioning of organs and tissues. Prolonging their usefulness and our life.

Healing of wounds and sports injuries. Bemer therapy is ideal for athletes because it achieves shorter warm-up times and a much faster regeneration.

Improve our immune system. Making us resistant to diseases.

But what we should really value is the improvement of the symptoms of diseases that cause inability to move or effort, as they are an impediment to the daily lives of many people. Thanks to this milestone in medical technology, Ascent Adaption and Regeneration helps you return circulation to normal, so that the body responds and we feel healthy and happy.

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Ascent Adaption and Regeneration is a company that performs regenerative therapies of the body. Using technology capable of regenerating our body making it free from pollution, damage caused by poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. We specialize in BEMER therapies, red light therapies and Nexalin therapy. 

We are not a spa or gym. We are a medical center specializing in body restoration. 

We are located in Newport Beach, California. You can get more information by visiting our website or by calling our phone number 949-474-4404.

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