Certified Supplement Manufacturer

Certified supplement manufacturers meet strict guidelines to ensure product quality. These organizations create products meeting the NSF guidelines for dietary supplements and comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations or CGMP. When producing a lineup of products, using a manufacturer meeting the CGMP and ensuring you achieve NSF certification guarantees that your product is of high-quality.

What is NSF certification for dietary supplements?

The National Safety Foundation or NSF tests to ensure that products are untainted and healthy. Certification includes verifying that listed ingredients are complete and exist in your supplement, performing toxicology reviews on your formulation, and ensuring that products are not contaminated. Testing ensures that products meet NSF/ANSI 173 standards for dietary supplements.

In addition to these standards, the NSF certifies certain products for sports. The NFL, NFL Players Association, MLB, and others nationally and internationally recognize the foundation’s certifications. International organizations include the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. The NSF analyzes supplements for more than 270 banned substances and any unlisted ingredients.

What guidelines exist effecting supplement manufacturers?

Beyond the product, manufacturers in the United States must meet FDA guidelines. Meeting the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations ensures that your product will obtain FDA approval.

These regulations ensure that facilities are up to date and safe and products are safe as well as produced as stated with minimal mix-ups or errors. Manufacturers who fail to meet these guidelines create adulterated products. The FDA recommends against selling and using these supplements.

Foreign governments do not always force manufacturers to produce safe or quality products. Chinese companies are usually subject to scrutiny in the face of widespread harm.

The FDA may impose an injunction on the manufacture of a supplement and force a seizure of supplements if potential harm is significant. The resulting backlash can lead to a severe loss of credibility in the face of a forced recall. It is advisable to find a company meeting the CGMP.

Does certification mean FDA approval?

Many certifications assist beyond NSF testing. US Pharmacopia and have long histories of supplement certification. New companies continue to enter the market.

Certification is not the same as FDA approval. The seals and branding offered by these organizations help convince customers of the quality of your product but do not guarantee they will be sellable.

SolisLabs offers your customers the peace of mind of certification from the FDA Good Manufacturing Practice, Natural Products Association, and NSF.

How do I find a trustworthy nutritional supplement manufacturer?

Certifications and FDA approval are positive signs that a company is worth bring your formulation to reality. These companies such as ours have modern facilities and go to great lengths to ensure product safety and quality.

In addition to certification, we offer our partners special perks for choosing us. Certain partners have access to private label formulations and services such as liquid, gel, and powder production ensure that you meet the demands of your target market.

SolisLabs is a certified supplement manufacturer. Our production facilities are up to date, and the products we produce are of high quality.

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