ELISA Assay Development Service

Do you need to conduct unique research but not sure where to go? Novatein Biosciences offers ELISA assay development services, and we would plan your research according to your custom needs. We have a team of scientists who have vast experience in assay development. The team do their best to understand your needs and then plan accordingly.

You would not get results that would not relate to you. Our team is capable of developing the following; competitive ELISA, sandwich ELISA, Luminex bead-based assays, Multiplex ELISA, Immuno-PCR, and Alphalisa.

ELISA Development Protocol

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is a method used to detect and quantify specific proteins. ELIZA development requires that you choose a format, put the elements together, and developing a working protocol. The level of speed, sensitivity, and specificity depends on the format of the ELISA development. The format will also decide the number and variety of components to use. For instance, the type of antibodies required for a sandwich ELISA is different from the one necessary competitive ELISA. Sandwich ELISA, for example, requires antibody-match pairs, a sort of antibody that is mutually compatible.

The format to use when conducting ELISA development can be indirect, direct, competitive, or sandwich. The format will determine how the antigen of interest is captured and detected. In using the direct or indirect ELISA, both of them have the antigen bound to the plate. They can perform both in a 96-well plate. However, for the direct ELISA, it uses a primary antibody to detect the antigen. The indirect ELISA, on the other hand, uses a secondary antibody to detect the antigen.

The sandwich ELISA, on the other hand, is considered the most robust assay out of all the four formats. With this process, the researcher would first coat the plate with a primary antibody called the anti-albumin antibody. Then after they add the sample, another anti-albumin antibody is added to detect the existence of albumin. The competitive ELISA format is very much different from all the other three formats. In this case, they incubate an unlabeled primary antibody with a sample antigen. Then the researcher adds the complex to a 96-well plate. Bearing in mind that, they need to coat the 96-well plate with the same antigen. The plate is then washed to remove the unbound antigen.

ELISA is applicable in many situations because it is useful in determining antigen or antibody in a sample. In the food industry, the development is helpful in detecting possible allergies such as itchiness, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the tongue, redness, vomiting, and low blood pressure relating to the consumption of certain foods including milk, eggs, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. ELISA is also useful in detecting toxic substances in drugs. This assay is also very sensitive hence its use in identifying HIV.

Our Assay Development Services

Novatein Biosciences assay development services include background research, assay design, assay validation, matched antibody pair screening, the production of high-affinity antibodies, and the purification of recombinant and native antigens. Whatever your research needs are, our highly trained teams with their team manager will provide a solution suitable for you.

ELISA Assay Development Service

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