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When deciding on an eye doctor in Tomball TX, you need to consider more than weekly specials. Glasses should be affordable but cheap products are made cheaply. Glimpse Eyecare offers curated products and treats every patient like family.

What sets an eye doctor apart?

Eye doctors are specialists. However, like all specialists, quality of service differs from location to location. Some doctors are willing to compromise on aspects that impact you negatively.

When you schedule construction work or hire an electrician, you shop around. The lowest and highest bids are not always the best. The same goes for the medical profession.

A good medical professional cares for every aspect of the patient, is thorough, and uses the latest technology to create a diagnosis and issue a prescription. For eye doctors, that means finding the right prescription and assessing all aspects of eye health.

What can impact eyesight?

There are many factors that lead to poor eyesight. Most are correctable with glasses, not requiring surgery. However, there are problems that need medication and medical procedures such as glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertension.

An extensive eye exam performed by a qualified eye doctor can spot these issues. This makes a regular eye exam more than just a good idea. It is a form of preventative medicine that can spot serious medical conditions early.

Chains v Local Optometrists

While the best local optometrists come from many different size practices, local practices are under more pressure to perform. Large chains aim to maintain bottom lines and sales targets. Small doctors simply cannot treat a patient as a number.

An eyeglass warehouse may offer deals on low end plastic frames and low-quality lenses. We pride ourselves on offering customizable durable frames and carefully crafted lenses. Whether you are looking for aviators, athletic glasses, the librarian style, or even contacts, we can help.

What if my prescription is wrong?

Not every prescription is accurate. Short term stress, poor sleep, and even the occasional obstruction or malfunction can lead to a bad prescription. This strains the eyes in the same way as not wearing glasses at all.

Other optometrists may require you to pay more of your hard earned money to fix the situation. Glimpse Eyecare wants you to live a healthy and full life without trying desperately to avoid obstacles or struggling to read.

We offer a 60 day return and refinement window. You can have your lenses remade to your actual prescription. Satisfaction is our goal from exam to sale and beyond.

Quality Eye Doctor in Tomball TX

A quality eye doctor in Tomball TX can help you find the perfect pair of glasses without the pain of suffering from a bad prescription. Glimpse Eyecare does not treat you as a number in a spreadsheet. We follow the hippocratic oath to the letter.

We want to provide the right prescription to help you live life to the fullest. Schedule an appointment with our qualified eye doctors today. Experience the difference a family doctor can make in your life.

Eye Doctor Tomball TX

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Eye Doctor Tomball TX

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