Intervention Specialist Drug Addiction

Watching someone close to you get addicted can be troubling and heartbreaking. It’s even worse if you’ve tried severally but failed to convince them to seek treatment. Luckily, a top-rated intervention specialist for drug addiction can help a loved one. They have the experience and training to finally get your family member or close friend to seek treatment. If you’re wondering how to do an intervention, we can help.

At Addiction Interventions, our intervention specialists can assist your loved one in realizing the severity of their alcohol or drug use. Additionally, we’ll join forces with you to get your family member to accept treatment.

What Can a Professional Addiction Interventionist Do for You?

Here are some of the reasons to hire one of the top addiction intervention specialists

  • Your Family Member Has a History of Violence

Sometimes, your loved one may become verbally abusive and violent due to drug or alcohol use. They may yell, throw objects, or punch others, which can be dangerous. This happens especially if they use illicit drugs that can cause long-term changes in their brain function.

An interventionist can start a conversation using tactics that prevent aggressive behavior. Doing so prevents your family member from feeling surprised or threatened by the intervention. Your loved one will also most likely be receptive to receiving treatment.

  • The Person Has a Mental Illness

Alcohol or drug addiction often co-exists with a mental health illness. If your family member has a history of mental health disorders like anxiety disorder, anti-social personality problems, or emotional dysregulation, in addition to addiction, their behavior can be unpredictable. They may become disruptive and reckless if you try to convince them to seek treatment.

On the other hand, an interventionist can provide more insights into your loved one’s mental health disorder. Plus, they can spearhead conversations without worsening an already tense situation.

Individuals with co-occurring disorders need specialized care that is not available in a typical rehab. The intervention specialist can assist you in finding a premier dual diagnosis facility where your loved one can get the right treatment.

  • You Know of Self-Harm or Suicide Attempts

People with substance use disorders are more prone to self-harm and suicide. The chemical changes that occur in your loved one’s brain because of drug or alcohol use can lead to unusual behavior, including thoughts of self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and even suicide. Therefore, attempting an intervention on your own can trigger your loved one to make a bad decision.

If you know they may have attempted suicide in the past, it’s best to let a professional from one of the leading drug and alcohol intervention programs handle the situation. They understand how vulnerable the person might be and can show you how to stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention. For instance, the intervention specialist can ensure your loved one doesn't flee after counseling to try and harm themselves. Additionally, they may continue managing the case to make sure the person completes treatment.

Best-In-Class Intervention Services

Are you searching for an intervention specialist for drug addiction? We're here for you. At Addiction Interventions, we have helped family members and friends with intervention and can help you too. We’ll also connect you to the best treatment options to increase the chances of a successful outcome. Speak with an addiction intervention specialist now: 866-584-2525.

Intervention Specialist Drug Addiction

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Intervention Specialist Drug Addiction

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