Before settling on a residential treatment center in California for your recovery journey, take the time to explore our levels of care and therapeutic services at Northbound. We have seen first-hand that transformational recovery is possible with the right program. We’ve been changing lives through addiction treatment programs and therapies for more than three decades, remaining at the forefront of compassionate care and specialized services to free patients from the chains of addiction. Call our 24-hour line at 866-311-0003 to speak with a counselor today.

5 Reasons Not to Delay Addiction Treatment

  1. Alcohol and drug addiction take a toll on the body; once the damage is done, medical treatment cannot reverse the effects. No matter where you are on your journey to recovery, you can prevent future health risks associated with addiction by getting help today. Northbound specializes in treatment for mental health and substance use; contact us regarding co-occurring disorder treatment to begin recovery.
  2. When addiction is a factor, there are moments in life when recovery seems like a clear solution and other moments when reality is not as in-focus. If you are thinking about treatment, you may not have another opportunity to accept the concept of treatment. Even a minute willingness to engage in addiction treatment can result in full recovery; reach out to Northbound now for help.
  3. The sooner you complete a recovery program, the sooner you can start enjoying life to its fullest. If addiction has stolen relationships, job opportunities, peace, and contentment, you can reclaim all these things by choosing dual diagnosis addiction treatment at Northbound. Why wait another minute to get your life back on track? Call our residential treatment center in California to explore levels of care at Northbound.
  4. By delaying treatment, you are making recovery more difficult later. Severe addiction is more difficult to treat than an addiction that is addressed earlier. Counselors and therapists from Northbound can meet you wherever you are on the road to recovery, whether you need detox services, a residential treatment program, or support and counseling in an outpatient environment. We are here for you throughout treatment- and beyond. Inquire about Sober Living facilities to help you finish strong in treatment.
  5. While there are strong indications that mental health issues first lead to addiction there is also compelling evidence that drug and alcohol abuse increases the likelihood of developing mental problems when left unaddressed. As one of the most respected co-occurring addiction treatment centers, Northbound also helps patients heal from severe mental health disorders, including anxiety, trauma, and depressive conditions.

Call our team from Northbound with your insurance information and we will verify your coverage over the phone. It is essential that you seek substance abuse treatment before it is too late; waiting could mean the difference between a life transformation and remaining addicted for the rest of your life. Get help today by calling Northbound and requesting information about our programs, therapies, and services; we are able to take your call 24/7.

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