Spider veins are small groups of blood vessels that become tangled and visible. While they do not have the medical concerns of varicose veins, they can be itchy, uncomfortable and create a cosmetic concern. Spider veins most commonly occur on the legs in red, purple or blue “spiderwebs,” but they can occur on any area of the body. At The Vein Place, we offer advanced treatment options for spider veins at our medical center in Santa Ana, CA.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Venous insufficiency is usually the cause of spider veins. This occurs when the valves in the blood vessels become weak, allowing blood to leak and pool, creating the appearance of spider veins. Many risk factors can contribute to venous insufficiency and spider veins, including weight, gender, genetics, hormones, and lifestyle.

Injection Sclerotherapy

The best way to get rid of spider veins on the legs is by using injections. Sclerotherapy is a popular option for removing unwanted spider veins. Injection sclerotherapy uses a special light to isolate the vein, and a small amount of medication (sclerosant) is micro-injected inside the vein. The medication “closes” the vein and stops the flow of blood. Once the blood flow is restricted, the blood vessel collapses, and it is absorbed by the body.


Thermolysis using VeinGogh is a breakthrough treatment technology for spider veins. This treatment can be used for patients who do not respond to sclerotherapy for spider vein removal. The VeinGogh treatment uses an extremely tiny needle that focuses high-frequency energy directly onto the vein and closes it immediately. This is a minimally invasive, well-tolerated procedure for quick and effective spider vein treatment.

If you have painful or unattractive spider veins you want to be removed, come see our team at The Vein Place in Santa Ana, CA. We offer innovative treatment for varicose veins and spider veins, as well as other types of venous insufficiency. Call our office today to schedule your appointment and get ready to say goodbye to your spider veins.

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